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Our basic grooming service is thorough and comprehensive:

  • Your pup will enjoy a fresh warm water bath with a blueberry facial scrub & premium shampoo customized for your dog's needs, followed by a remoisturizing conditioner.

  • Completely hand blow dried (No cages here!)

  • Ear cleaning 

  • Nail trimming & filing

  • Teeth brushing

  • Paw trim (when applicable)

  • Bow or bandana 

  • And of course, a treat at the end! (upon approval)

Tidy Up- Everything included with basic spa service and:

  • Face & eye trim

  • Sanitary trim

  • Ear & tail trim

  • Paw trim

Full groom: Everything included with the basic spa package and:

  • A breed specific haircut or style of your choice!

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Our grooming packages are guaranteed to help keep your dog happy, healthy & looking fabulous! 

Additional Spa Services:

  • Natural Flea Shampoo: $10 

Kills all the fleas without all the harsh chemicals (please note; this is not a preventative treatment) Any dogs found with fleas will receive a flea bath.

  • Deshedding: $20

Shampoo & conditioner plus conditioning spray formulated to help reduce undercoat & excessive shedding. Plus lots of extra brushing. Can reduce shedding up to 80%!

  • Dematting:

Dematting will only be performed for minor matting that can be humanely brushed out within 20 minutes. Any excess in matting will need to be taken down with a short haircut. (If your dog's coat requires shaving before the bath a $20 fee will be assessed)



  • Just nails & ears: $30  

  •  Nails clipped & filed & ears gently cleaned

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